About Me

Fernando Manoso is a photographer based in the UK with a focus on people as well as architecture.

Fernando graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in fine art photography.

When not taking pictures Fernando enjoys time with his family, going on beach walks or hunting for antiques in market, also of late playing beach volley with friends.


Fernando Manoso offers a comprehensive photographic service, collaborating with Design Consultancies as part of the branding process but also offering guidance to companies when working directly. From surveying the location, to advising how to approach the photography as concept and providing all the tolls to deliver the final product. 


Fernando's  easygoing personality allows him to build a relationship with his subjects, creating a relax environment that facilitates for an intimate portrayal of the people in his photographs. In his architectural work, Fernando draws from his fine art background to create engaging images of the spaces, utilizing shape, colour and textures. 


Fernando Manoso is based in Brighton and works in projects all over the UK and abroad. With easy access to London, most of his clients are based there but the projects often take him to every corner of the UK and beyond.

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